[Most popular] tailor-made courses tailored to your choice of Hull's Omakase course 5000 yen ~ you ~

5000 Yen

5000 yen - according to your wish

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Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until 19 pm 2 days before the desired date

Original course to be made with the day stocking foodstuffs.Because be made with custom-made, it becomes a special plan that can also respond to your request as much as possible.

Course menu

【One case】

■ hors d'oeuvres

■ carpaccio

■ meuniere of today's fish

■ foie gras steak

■ Today's meat dish

■ Pan

■ risotto

■ dessert

※ all-you-can-drink existence, cooking content, such as your budget (5000 yen), tailor-made to suit your choice

2018/04/03 update