[In two special day ...] Platinum course 8 dishes 8000 yen +2 hours all you can drink for 1500 yen

8000 yen

All you can drink in the yen +1500

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Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until 19 pm 2 days before the desired date

Foie gras and Wagyu steak, such as the turban and Sakuratai, it is recommended HaRyu Platinum courses in such a special day, anniversary.A nice night, adorned in the playing of the French.

Course menu

■ Special hors d'oeuvres

Served with salmon roe salmon and avocado tartare

■ of Izu production turban Tsuboyaki Provencal

■ foie gras steak-to-source Cassis ~

■ carpaccio of Sakuratai of Yaizu Port ~ Salad ~

■ Omar shrimp sauce américaine of

■ specialties beef steak

■ Pan

■ Gateau Chocolat and rich pumpkin pudding

※ because it served its time to time of the most things, there is also that the contents are changed slightly.

※ If you have any weak ones, please feel free to contact us.

2018/04/03 update